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Some flowers by John

Incase anyones interested in one of my original pinup girls…..THIS is MY ART and STYLE. ?My quick sketches to get the general idea down… outlines to become stencils. Anyone wanna get her?:) -Jean Patrick

Jean Patrick has availability today. Walk ins or schedule an appointment. Must be 18 or older.

Ghost has availability!!! Hit’em up!!

Piece by John

Couple pieces added to a sleeve by John

Before and after cover up stuff from Jean.

Some more stuff from Jean.

Looking for some work? Book with us! Stop by anytime for a consult with one of our artists and get your name in our books with a $40 deposit.

FNM firing soon! Get out here.

Rav Remastered Collector boosters restocked, come get em!

We’ve got the first Modern FNM of our new Invitational Season coming tomorrow. Event starts @ 6:00 pm and if we’ve got the players we’ll go again @ 11 (for you second shifters). If you don’t have a deck don’t worry we’ve got rental decks for just $5 per event (burn, murktide, hammer, tron, affinity,

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It’s now the 11th season for our Quarterly Invitational so there’s no better time to get out here and play some cards. Last season’s Champion title went to Grayson Nemets piloting 5c Creativity. Current qualifiers after the last seasons event are the players that made top 4, from here on we’ll be guaranteeing a qualifying

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Next episode tonight @ 8:30, find us live on YouTube just search TakeActionGaming574 under the live tab. We’re covering some John Carpenter gold tonight, “Big Trouble in Little China “ and “The Thing”. Tune in to hear our thoughts on these classics.

Piece by John, based on photos of Bob Dylan and Tom Waits

A couple things by John from this weekend

Congrats to Grayson Nemets for taking down our 10th Quarterly Invitational piloting 5 color Creativity. It was a great event that you can check out at and the video will be uploaded to YouTube soon, just search TakeActionGaming574. Big thanks to everyone who came out, and if you want to get in for the

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Invitational happening today @ 1:00 pm. If you’ve qualified don’t miss the chance to get into our favorite event!

FNM firing soon @ 6:00 pm. Come on out!

Ravnica Remastered in and ready to go; come crack some packs!