Next episode of our trigger on the stack podcast going live soon, continuing our discussion on modern banned list cards.

Progress on this MTG back piece by Jonathan Brown

We will be having a very limited RePreRelease of Dominaria United sealed on Saturday at 1pm. show up early if you wanna make sure you get a spot. entry is $26.75

Congratulations to our own Isaiah Mosher for making day two of the 20k modern at this weekend’s SCG Con. We’ll post updates tomorrow, wish him luck!

Take Action will be closing early today and closed tomorrow (Sep 2-3) as we are attending and competing in a large MTG tournament in Columbus Ohio over the weekend. If you have appointments with Ghost or Jean nothing has changed for your appointments, but we won’t have counter help so won’t be technically open. We’ll

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Couple pieces by John from the other day

Wanted to thank everyone for coming out for our 2nd Modern 500. We had nineteen players with the final round concluding at about 8 pm, resulting in a draw between brothers Isaiah and Paul Mosher. Our next 500 will be held Nov 19 of this year. We hope to see you out!

For any player that will be participating in today’s 500 tournament we will be taking deck lists. We’ll have deck list forms ready upon arrival, or you’re welcome to have one ready. Event starts at one, feel free to come at open to get your list submitted.

Want to send out another reminder for this weekends Modern 500. The event will be starting @ 1:00 pm this Saturday, $25 entry with prizes paid to top 8. For more details check the event on the facebook page or message/call the shop. For this event we’ll be breaking out some old sealed product just

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Progress on this post blackout piece by John

Start to a landscape sleeve by Jonathan Brown

Correction, unfortunately we’ll not be able to host the podcast this week, check back in next week for updates, we apologize for the confusion.

Congratulation to Dustin Hollar for picking up his 10th Take Action League win. Zachary Barker put up a hell of a fight 2nd places isn’t anything to laugh about… congrats to 3rd/4th Matt Wise, Reece L. F. Anweiler. see everyone next league beginning sept. 12th at 6pm.

Another reminder of our upcoming Modern 500 event. All the details are on the event link, if you have any other questions feel free to call or message. This will be our second 500 so hopefully we can get a good crowd out for it. As a treat for our players, we’re going to break

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Double Modern FNM at Take Action! 6 and 10 pm, $5 dollar entry, 3-0s earn qualifying points for this seasons Invitational. Don’t have a deck? Rent one of the stores; we have a variety of builds to spice things up for you or get you into the modern experience. We’ll be streaming live tonight (we

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Some stuff by John from the last week or so.

Welcome once again to another week of events at Take Action. It’s business as usual with all our normal events this week. We’ve always got a good turnout for Commander days, so if you’re a casual player at heart make sure to get out here for some games to earn some free store credit! This

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Traditional piece by John

Welcome to another FNM here at Take Action. Tonight will be running Modern @ 6:00pm and this week we have shifted Pioneer to our ten. From Here on the first Friday of the month Pioneer will replace the 10 pm Modern. We’ve had some hiccups with our stream over the last couple weeks but we’ll

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Another episode of our Trigger on the Stack podcast will be going live tonight a little after eight. Tune in!