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Selling our War Hammer Table top. $250 cash OBO. Pick up here at the shop. It’s 4ft, 1in X 6ft, 1in.

Start to some new projects by John.

Piece by John, based on client reference.

Need something fresh in your life? How about a fresh tattoo? Stop by and get booked with one of our professional artists who can handle anything you might be looking for. With the most experience and dedication to our craft you can trust in your experience at Take Action. Book today with a $40 dollar

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Hanging out downtown, come say hi!

Progress on this sleeve by John

Cat addition to a sleeve by John

Cover by John

Bloomburrow is almost here ! There’s lots of shower cards coming coming out and our Preorders are starting tomorrow!

We’ve got our Friday night magic coming out and would love to see you out to play! In addition to our normal Modern FNM we’re firing an 11:00 pm Duel Commander, a one v one commander format with its own ban list. You can find all you need to know here. As always 3-0

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