We wanted to give a big thanks to all our players that have been keeping our sce…

  • October 17, 2021
    Jonathon Brown

We wanted to give a big thanks to all our players that have been keeping our scene strong and dynamic, we’ve had some great turnouts the last couple weeks and some good times!
Here’s an update for our current point leaders for this Invitational Season.
Caleb Dudeck @ 2 points
Michael Dashner @ 2 points
Carmel Salinas @ 1 point
Paul Mosher @ 1 point
John Parker @ 1 point
Josh Shaffer @ 1 point
Isaiah Mosher @ 1 point
Nathan Patterson @ 1 point

With the modern league firing weekly we’ve got a lot more access to qualifying points this season so make sure to get out here and hit it hard to secure your place.
Also, we’ve got a little change to how we’re running it this time; this is a new thing so it will be evolving over time so bear with us.
Changes are as follows:
All players that earn a qualifying point are defautly invited to the event! The prizes will be the mostly the same as last time for top four with maybe some extras down to top eight and lower depending on the number of players, and maybe some more goodies all around in general!
The points will matter though! We want everyone coming out to keep our community dynamic and competitive. We don’t know exactly what the system will be as of yet, lots of possibilities but buys for pointleaders and the like will be the kinds of things were working with.
As we get things worked out we’ll be making sure to keep everyone informed so keep an eye on the page and stay tuned to twitch.

Current Modern league will be wrapping up relatively soon and firing right back up so make sure to get some extra points if you can.

Our first Invitational was a great time and the second will be even better. Keep an eye out and make sure to get in here to secure your chance to take that throne!