Month: April 2016

Just did some more work on this piece just the other day:) Stop by, make an appointment today!!!

Look at it. Would ya’ just look at it. It’s beautiful. This sweet sleeve is coming along nicely, here at Take Action and I’m sure our buddy Brad, the owner of this fine piece, can’t wait to get it finished. We’ll keep you posted.

Here’s a few pictures of a sleeve we’re working on. Can’t wait for it to be finished so we can show everyone!!! Stay posted

we have walk in availability till 9pm so if you are wanting something small and dont wanna wait the 2 month waiting period give us a call at 574 267 4284 or swing in.

By Jon Brown

By Jon Brown

By Jon Brown

we have a walkin available till 8pm give us a call at 574 2674284 to check on it