Month: April 2020

So unfortunately we can’t operate wpn sanctioned tournaments but some of us have gotten together to play cards via video messenger. We’re running it like a normal FNM, you’ll play 3 matches and we’re offering prizes. This week we’re running modern and we’re kicking things off at six on Friday. Drop a comment if you’re

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We’ll be here until six today, let us know if there’s anything you need.

6×12 woodburning from John. $70, stencil based art so easily repeatable.

New prints are in, extra order of the cat tree came as well so we have five of those available. Message for prices if interested

Again, just to confirm for people, we aren’t closing down. If we were there would have been a probably several page post with much to say. We’ve been here for almost a decade, we’re not going anywhere.

Just to clarify…Jon was saying he was closing up for the day. Take Action Isn’t going anywhere.

Closing up

Great games, still 25% off.

#2 in monochromatic landscape series

We’re taking a holiday today, but if you need anything let us know and we’ll see what we can do

Woodburning from John 6×12, $100

Heading home for the night, message us if you need anything. Stay safe, Take Action.

Some fun art from John.

Cure some quarantine boredom with some family gaming, 25% off

At the shop, let us know what we can do for you. 574 267 4284

First part of a six part landscape series based on Magic: The Gathering. By John of course.

We won’t be in the shop today but if you need something, message us, we might be able to swing in to help you out! Take Action

Landscape illustration from John

Still have 5 copies of Unsanctioned for $35, a great deal, don’t pass it up.

Game o the day today is wingspan. Fantastic engine building game. Super popular when it released, we’ve got two copies @25% off.