Month: January 2021

Floral piece by John from today

Finished memorial piece by John

Some lack and grey stuff from John

First session on this cool piece by John

Cool piece by John from today

Little Harry Potter Piece by John from today.

From Ghost: Any takers on this lovely lady?

Foil shark typhoon tokens and trigger tokens have arrived!

Progress on this Poseidon piece by John.


From Ghost: added some sharks to this leg sleeve. Still in progress…

Progress on a floral sleeve by John

Monster stuff by John

A piece from John.

An owl by John from today

A piece by John from today

First session on a Godzilla themed calf wrap by John

Almost a week away. Should be a blast like normal Give yourself an opportunity to win a custom sign playmat. Winner of the Friday January 29th midnight prerelease and winner of the Saturday January 30th 1pm prerelease will receive one.